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  • CEO, C-Suite & Boards
  • Digital Transformation Project Teams
  • Directors: Strategy, Compliance, Data, Risk, HR/People, CyberSecurity
  • Advisers: Analysts, Engineers, Lawyers, Auditors
  • Government/Regulators
  • Educators, Recruiters, Business Developers, Marketers

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…which you won’t find anywhere else!
– Only 1-Day Commitment – saves you hours of research time 
– You’ll grow a valuable network of peers, partners, top clients, alumni
– Professional CMD Badge: gold standard excellence recognised worldwide
– Multiply your earnings, secure Boardroom appointments.
– Live Global Case Studies
– Expert Coach/Mentors in your corner for maximum support
– Accelerated Learning: 100% relevant to YOUR needs
– Information-Rich Reference Pack + FREE updates
– Private Members Alumni Club
– FREE 30 day support. No hidden costs.
– 100% Tax Deductible
– Unconditional Guarantee
– Proven Results, Success Stories. 


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(2) VIDEO/PHONE Mentor Consultation (1-to-1 Private Clinic)Power Q&A Calls to solve your own unique issues

Get powerful one-on-one feedback and an action plan blueprint that you can implement. Can be useful for individuals or teams.


(3) LIVE (In-Person) Group Event/Masterclass.Or in-House Corporate Team MasterMind.

Tell us about the problems you are looking to solve and your preferred city below. Get in touch via email or use the Contact Form in the ABOUT US section below…


(4) Tell Your Own Story:
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Sponsor/Co-Host/Become a Speaker/Guest Panelist. Reach New Clients

You will earn the Certified Masters Diploma – a statement of excellence recognised worldwide in business, professional and academic circles. Because it is highly PRACTICAL in nature.


We work closely with CPD providers, higher-education institutions and government agencies for full-accreditation. If you have a specific question, we would be happy to help you as much as we can.


This PRACTICAL diploma provides valuable support for CPD credits (Continuing Professional Development), CPT, Career Promotions/Advancement and when applying for Higher Education Exemptions.

  • Life happens. So we are always fully-flexible around your schedule. You have zero risk.


  • You can buy with confidence as you are protected by our Money-Back Guarantee. That’s our promise to you.
  • YES! You are fully-protected by our 30-Day Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee.  You will just need to provide a signed official letter from the company which sponsored you to attend within 30 days of attending;


  • We promise value, quality, exceptional service and time well-spent. We strive to add value to your total experience: before, during and after the summit


  • We always welcome and cherish your feedback as we believe that continuous improvement is a journey, not a destination!
  • The best way is to book early with confidence. You are protected by our Iron-Clad Quality Guarantees.


  • Tickets usually sell out 30 Days prior to the start date, so early action is highly-recommended to avoid wait-lists.

Digital Masters Institute supports essential principles of Ethics, Sustainability, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.  Not for compliance checklists but because we believe in fair-play, honesty, integrity and sound common sense.

  • Yes! We welcome relevant strategic partnerships and alliances. We believe that no organisation is an island. We can achieve much more working together towards a common goal, while balancing our strengths and weaknesses.
  • We reach 350,000+ Senior Professionals: CEOs, Directors & Investors from over 22 industries worldwide.
  • Partner with us to access the right type of new clients for your organisation.
  • Our members come from all over the world. Our leadership team has 30+ years experience delivering the highest levels of practical learning and networking experiences.



Reach 350,000 of the world’s most seasoned business executives from sectors such FINANCE, ENERGY, HEALTHCARE, GOVERNMENT, TECHNOLOGY, TRANSPORT,  EDUCATION and much more.


1) Knowledge Partners & Corporate Sponsors

If you have relevant experience, credentials and case studies in the topics we focus on.


2) Guest Speakers & Experienced Trainers 

Kindly send an email with your YouTube videos and supporting testimonials, outlines and video references if possible.

3) Industry Associations & Clubs:

Also Government Investment Promotion bodies, Accreditation and Membership providers. A perfect enhancement to your offerings to members

4) Marketing Affiliates With  Active Subscribers

We are very selective so your audience must match our profile of clients. 

5) Existing Corporate Clients

If you wish to offer on-site CERTIFICATION to your own teams or to your own clients


For a full needs analysis – where we LISTEN to what what matters most to you, please email: